Commercial Food Vacuum Sealers

Commercial Food Vacuum Sealers

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Australian Vacuum Packaging Machines are proud to offer a great range of commercial food vacuum sealers to keep large amounts of food fresh for longer, saving time and money. Vacuum sealing food also helps preserve its original fresh appearance, taste and textures and retains vitamins and minerals. Below are more details about our range of benchtop commercial food vacuum sealers.


This benchtop commercial food sealer has a vacuum pump capacity of 10m3/h with a cycle time of 10-20 seconds. The chamber size of 385 (L) x 280 (W) x 120 (H) mm and the sealing length of 260mm means that you get large amounts of produce sealed quickly and easily.

DZ 300/PG

The DZ 300/PG commercial food sealer features a digital display for easy at-a-glance information and a sealing length of 300mm. The pump delivers 10cu2/h for fast and efficient food sealing. The chamber size is 378 (L) x 320 (W) x 175 (H) mm.

DZ 430 PT/2

This commercial benchtop food sealer has a digital display and two sealers on each end of the chamber so you can seal even more food quicker than ever. Each sealing length is 430mm and the chamber is 450 x 370 x 90mm. The pump capacity is 10cu2/h.

Culinary S

This model has a huge vacuum pump capacity of 16m3/h so it’s ideal for large kitchens and food preparation areas where there’s a lot of food to seal. The chamber is 358 x 358 x 140mm so there’s plenty of room to seal large items.

AV 2

This Australian Manufactured food sealer has a single or double sealing length for flexibility. The single sealing length is 450mm and the double is 2 x 470mm. The chamber size is 500 x 530 x 180 and is our largest benchtop model. The vacuum pump delivers 20 cbm/hour so this food sealer can seal large amounts of food quickly and efficiently.

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