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Company Information

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Since being established in 1989, Australian Vacuum Packaging Machines has strived to become Australia’s leading manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines. Today the vacuum packaging industry is a very prosperous one, with consumers and manufacturers becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of vacuum packaging. Meat and poultry , sausages ,pre-packed meals, soups, gravy, fish and other food supplies will have a longer shelf life, will minimise weight loss, and will be more hygienic and clean if vacuum packed.

With export experience to Singapore, China and Papua New Guinea, Australian Vacuum Packaging Machines is at the forefront to capitalise on this growth.

Positioned 30 minutes south of Brisbane, Australian Vacuum Packaging Machines are manufactured in a prime export position. We have a well-established client base, including the Royal Australian Air Force, R.N.A Show Grounds, Convention Centre, Jupiter Casino just to name a few and the quality of our machines and after sales service is impeccable.

Australian Vacuum Packaging Machines offers a range of E-Vac machines to cater for a wide range of clients. The E-Vac range of machine has been built with close consideration of the use and easy service. They have stainless steel chamber construction which allows durability. A variety of models have double sealing bars to vacuum pack double the amount of product which reduces packing time. Our models on wheels, which allow for easier movement, and a smaller portable model.

 The main advantages of E-Vac vacuum packaging machines are:
  • Minimal loss.
  • User friendly & Ease of Use and Maintenance.
  • No Loss of Quality.
  • Reliable Service & Warranty.
  • Quality of the Product.

The quality of the E-Vac machines is the hallmark to Australian Vacuum Packaging Machine’s success. E-Vac prides themselves on being the number one leader in terms of reliability and product design.       
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