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Manufacturing & Operation of Vacuum Packaging Machines

Food Packaging Machines, Foodsaver, Vacuum Sealers, Vacuum Pouches, Food Vacuum Bags


All the machines are built with a stainless steel body and PVC plates ensuring a long life span and simple maintenance. Each machine is accompanied by an instruction booklet. Australian Vacuum Packaging will assist with installation modifications if required. Prompt maintenance and replacement of parts is provided and we also carry a large variety of plastic food vacuum bags.


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Using the Machine

  1. Place the product in the plastic bag. Drape the neck of the bags over the seal bar and close the lid. The rest of the procedure is completely automatic. PLEASE NOTE: A larger or small volume of the chamber can be varied by the changing of filling plates in accordance with the size of the product.
  2. The running time and the temperature for different products and size can be regulated by the adjustment of time relays and a switch at the front control panel. A gas flushing system (protective gas) can be built into these machines if required.

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